If You Ask Her Now, She’d Likely Tell You It Was All A Big Misteak

We all know that cold booze is good booze, but some of us apparently take this ideal much more seriously than others. And when I say some of us, I mean47-year-old Edna Verdin,who had a cow when chilling her bottle of Tequila Rose in the freezer proved to be more difficult than she had anticipated due to space limitations. And when I say had a cow, I mean she had it in her hand in the form of a frozen steak that found itself chucked at the head of Jerry Voisin, her 51-year-old live-in boyfriend.

This woman may not be rational, but she seems to be a decent throw. The steak, according to the story, hit its target quite nicely, opening up a nice gash in Voisin’s face.

Verdin has been charged with aggravated battery and is currently free on bond. And since I’m coming up empty on semi-clever cooler/food/booze-related lines at the moment, I’m going to end this now before I get the urge to throw something at poor Carin.

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