Yea Guelph’s Accessible Snow Removal Concerns Line!

Remember when I wrote about the winter control accessibility line? Well, I tried it out, and damn am I ever impressed! I still need to phone the line back and say thank you very much!

As everyone for miles around knows, on Saturday the sky opened up and snow came in a hell of a hurry. On Monday, the sidewalks still looked pretty bad. At our corner, there was a snowbank between the actual intersection and the pole. So, you had to hit the pole, then jump over the bank and wait for the light, all the while trying to make sure you were properly lined up to cross. If you missed your chance, you had to jump back over the bank to try to hit the button again.

I figured this would be a perfect use of the accessibility line, so I called it. I got a machine. I figured I’d try this first. I left a message, and by the next morning, I got a call back saying they had taken care of the problem.

And boy had they! When I went back out, the intersection was completely unimpeded! Yes!

So, to anybody who uses a wheelchair or is blind or has another disability and finds a nice snow obstacle (snobstacle?), give the line a call. It’s pretty damn cool. And don’t call it just because your road isn’t ploughed. Unless you’re talking about curb cuts, pedestrian poles, or other accessibility concerns, that line is not for you. That’s what Operations’ main number is for.

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