Three More To Add To The Parents Of The Year Pile

Wow. I can’t remember if I’ve seen 3 stories of people mistreating kids in their care in a week before, but I sure see them now. How depressing.

First is the story of a woman wacking a nine-year-old boy on the head with a frying pan because he dropped a bagel with cream cheese on her floor, which her dog began licking. Uh, how about cleaning up the mess? I’m sure it was an accident. But apparently this isn’t the first time she’s done something like this. But the kid never spoke up before. Poor kid.

Next up is Charysma Bond, who beat up her 22-month-old son for knocking a cake off a table. Woman, you have issues.

And finally, there is the story of a woman handcuffing her sixteen-year-old son to a chair for days because he’d gotten in some trouble. I guess she only let him outside to shovel snow and he had to ring a bell if he needed to go to the bathroom. He eventually was able to call 911.

Those are some scary people looking after kids.

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