There Won’t Be A PlayStation In Prison

In one night, Kendall Anderson has ruined his life, and all over his mom taking his PlayStation away. I would have linked to the original, but JAWS’s app mode locked me up so bad that I couldn’t properly read the story there.

I guess Anderson got into some trouble, I don’t know what kind. So, his mom took away his PlayStation. This was his response.

Kendall went into his sleeping mother’s bedroom, hit her 20 times with a claw hammer and ultimately killed her.

According to Anderson’s statement, the 11th grader at Daniel Boone School in North Philadelphia paced for about three hours in his South Philadelphia home trying to decide if he should kill his mother.

“I couldn’t stand the arguing,” Lucke said, reading the youth’s statement.

When the hammer attack did not kill her, Anderson told police, he dragged her downstairs and tried to “cremate her” in the kitchen oven. When that failed, he continued, he beat her in the head with a chair leg before dragging her body outside and hiding under debris in an alley behind the house.

Lucke said that Anderson expressed remorse for the crime and told him: “If I could, I would not do it again. I really miss my mom . . . she was the only person who cared for me.”

and you killed her over a Playstation, and you thought about it for 3 hours before doing it. You need serious help.

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