And What Have We Learned Today, Boys And Girls? Your Supply Teacher Is Crazy!

It looks like William Amory believes in the Home Depot Pry Bar guy philosophy for dealing with uncooperative devices. Break stuff. But Ammory doesn’t restrict his rage to the offending device. Oh no. He goes after the people trying to help him.

Amory was a substitute teacher for a second-grade class. He was having trouble getting the interactive whiteboard to work. In the end, he threw the remote and punched 3 students who tried to help him. One of them vomited in the classroom, one had to go to the ER for chest pain, and the other one fell back into her chair.

Apparently this guy has had other complaints against him: one for yelling at kids, and one for reading them bible excerpts instead of class material.

Gees, this guy needs to go to anger management class. I know technology is frustrating, but that’s just wrong. The poor little kids.

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