Good Things Grow In Ontario, And They Just Got Easier To Buy

Ooo! This little story about the 100 Mile Market coming to Guelph makes me drool. Mmm local food. Local food you can order online and then scoop up at a depot. Local food that you can order online, scoop up at a depot and not have to fight crowds at the market just to find. Not that I mind the market, but if I ever want to go, I have to bring eyeballs because I don’t have a hope in hell of navigating it on my own because a. it’s crowded and b. you never know what vendors are going to show up each week. So mmmm this could be dangerous for the pocketbook!

It is opening on Monday. Hey Steve, wanna buy some pork chops to see if we can do this online thang?

Mmm mmm mmm! Locally-grown food rocks!

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