Some More People On That Bus With Tim McLean Want Heads To Roll

You know, when I said that the McLean family suing everyone related to the Greyhound stabbing was a little ridiculous, I had no idea that a more ridiculous lawsuit was possible. Now, I know.

Two women who were on the bus when the incident happened have decided that they need to sue the exact same parties that the McLean family is suing to compensate them for their suffering.

Here is their list of ridiculous claims.

  • The government needs to be sued for not ensuring national transportation security,
  • Greyhound didn’t do enough to make passengers’ secure at passenger points,
  • The RCMP needs to be sued for not getting Vince Li off the bus faster,
  • and

  • Vince Li needs to be sued because he should have realized the brutality of his acts and obviously should have known that he had a mental condition in need of treatment!

These women are blaming every misfortune under the sun on the Greyhound incident. I’m sure if they were soaked in the rain one day while waiting outside, what happened on that bus in July of 2008 would have been the cause. They’re also suing for $3 million.

Ok, let’s break this lawsuit down. First, I find it interesting that their lawsuit mirrors the one filed by the McLean family. The exact same people are getting sued. And in both cases, I say how could the government have possibly anticipated this? It was completely random, and the person who committed the act was, well, out of his mind. There is no way they could have planned for that.

As for suing Greyhound, I’m sure the first lawsuit is responsible for the more restrictive way you have to buy your tickets now. You now have to buy tickets for specific dates and times. Gone are the days when you could just buy a ticket two weeks in advance to somewhere, and it was good for 3 months. I really liked those days. Also, as I said in this year’s holiday post, Greyhound makes you put certain items in your checked luggage. I’m 99.9% sure this is also due to what happened on that bus. Do we need another suit to bring even more security measures?

And, like I said in the first lawsuit, the only part that has a shred of a chance is the part to do with the RCMP not getting him off the bus faster. That was weird. But even in that case, I think the McLean family has more of a right to sue. It was their family member whose body was so mutilated.

And here comes the most ridiculous claim. Vince Li should have known that he had a condition that needed treatment, and he should have appreciated the brutality of his acts. Yeah, because people experiencing psychotic episodes are known for their lucidity. Just, dumb. And you know what they say about blood and stones. I don’t think Mr. Li has anything to give you, and if he did, he would probably be found mentally incompetent. Can you sue a mentally ill person who was found not criminally responsible? Is there the same mental competence rules? I honestly don’t know. I guess you could sue whoever was taking care of him, but still. I don’t think he has any money to give you.

I am not doubting that if I were on that bus, I would be messed up for quite some time. I am sure that I may have needed medication. Who knows, I may have not been able to board a Greyhound bus for who knows how long, which would royally suck for me since I’m not really jumping in a car and driving anywhere. But that doesn’t mean I should sue. It was completely random and not reasonably foreseeable. It would be far more productive to focus on trying to put my supposedly shattered life back together than to go around suing everybody remotely connected to what happened that day.

Incidentally, what happened with the first lawsuit? I haven’t seen anything about it.

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