Watch Out For Carma. It’ll Snow Ya!

Here’s a story fit to make me cackle.

Three punks decided that they had the perfect situation. A nasty snow storm was causing lots of motorists to be stuck. So, they would arrive next to the stuck car, and the desperate motorist would think they were coming to help. But no no no. they were going to demand money.

Unfortunately for these 3, Carma came around like a shovel to the head. One of their victims got a good description of the vehicle, and then their vehicle got stuck in the snow, allowing police to come find them more easily. At this point, they all blamed each other and tried to claim minimal involvement. Probably not going to work. Later, Michael Wilson, Jr., Darion Page and an unnamed minor. You fail.

Hahahahahahahahehehehehehehehehohohohohoho! Great stuff. I love when someone’s evil planning comes back to bite them.

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