Whatever Counts For A Brain Got Frozen Too.

I saw this last week, but it got lost in the shuffle.

Sven Riedel, a German extreme athlete, decided he wanted to motorcycle across 300 km of Siberia. But the fella got frostbite. Why? Did his equipment fail him? Nope, he wasn’t adequately dressed for the weather. He didn’t think it would be so cold. Yeah, in January, in Siberia. What did you think, it would be sweltering?

He also doesn’t speak any Russian. You’d think, before biking across a country whose primary language is Russian, that you would learn some words. But somehow a couple convinced him to get in their car so they could take him to the hospital.

And here’s where I just want to scream “That’s not fair!” He may have been badly frostbitten, but he won’t lose any fingers or toes. So, he likely won’t learn from this experience. Why is it that the people who do their best to keep themselves healthy end up with horrible injuries, while the stupid, like this guy, can get out unscathed?

I wonder where he’ll bike next. Maybe he’ll go to the Grand Canyon in the summer and not expect it to be so hot.

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