He’s In The Doghouse Now

Joel Dobrin’s dog may be in trouble. According to this story, he’s a snitch!

Police pulled Dobrin over for a routine traffic stop, when they were assaulted by a flying sock full of marijuana and Hashish. They originally thought Dobrin had thrown it out the window to get rid of it, but Dobrin told them what really happened.

According to Dobrin, he was going to stash the sock somewhere, when his dog decided it would make a fine tug toy. He grabbed a hold of it and promptly won the war. Then I guess he didn’t care for the sock anymore, and made it fly out the window.

The only thing that makes me think this story might be true is the fact that Dobrin admitted he *was* going to hide the drug-filled sock. Hiding it, I would think, would be worse than ditching it.

So I wonder if the dog is off to a jail of his own now.

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