My N86 Has Just Become Eyeballs In A Box!

Well, the day has come. I finally, after hemming and hawing for a year, got myself KNFB Reader, or eyeballs in a box as I affectionately call it.

First I was worried I broke my phone’s camera. So, I got that tested out in June at the Aiming for Accessibility conference. Once it was determined that my camera was fine, I tried to get a hold of a dealer. But the pricing kept changing and nobody seemed to understand how I could get a version of the reader with an English user language and a French text language. So I sat and I thought. I didn’t want to shell out a heap of dough and then get screwed over.

Then, a classified came up on Blind Bargains that I could not pass up. A dude was selling the software for $600! Yes sir! Turns out he bought an iPhone and didn’t want to keep his KNFB software around.

After asking a bunch of questions, I took the plunge. I have never been so nervous to push the PayPal pay button in all my life.

And yesterday, I got the serial number and discovered I got an even bigger bargain. This sucker was authorized for 3 languages. Holy hell! So I can have my French language and translation option afterall.

Today I installed it. I can’t imagine doing this without Talks guiding me along. Sure it’s a lot of key 1’s, but there is one spot where I told it to go to mass memory instead of phone memory. I would never be able to remember where that is, or where it is that you have to sit and wait.

And it works! It works it works! Steve and I ran around like silly people colour identifying everything in sight. Couches, blankets, Steve’s shirt, even pieces of fudge! Yes, fudge! I scanned a CD cover, and after figuring out the height I need to hold it, I got a pretty good scan. It definitely requires practice at first, but it works!

Finally I have my eyeballs in a box! Yes!

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