His Defence Was Dead On Arrival

Here are two scary thoughts for anyone living in New York. There’s an ambulance company there that allows persistent violent felons to drive their ambulances, and one of them was dumb enough to use the ambulance as a getaway vehicle after a robbery.

Kevin Cheeks had been driving the ambulance for a couple of months. He decided one day to go rob a nail salon. So, he went and grabbed an ambulance, drove it to the salon, and then drove it to his house before taking it back to its rightful place.

Too bad for him, it has GPS on it. After a little checking on the part of the police and the ambulance company after witnesses said they saw an ambulance with their company’s name written on it near the scene of the crime, it was game over for Kevin Cheeks.

And uh, about that persistent violent felon thing. Aren’t there supposed to be standards for ambulance drivers?

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