I Wonder What The App Does If Someone’s Relationship Status Is "It’s Complicated".

Someone has given me yet another reason to not like Facebook. Dan Loewenherz
has developed the Facebook breakup notifier app. So, you can punch in everybody on your friends list who you’ve had a thing for, and as soon as their relationship status changes to single, bingo! You’ll know about it and can start stalking/putting the moves on that person post haste.

This story reminds me of something I actually heard someone say. When Steve was still sick in January, we went to a walk-in clinic, which I affectionately called “The Chamber of Fate.” If you’ve heard the Vestibules skit called “The Chamber Of Fate”, you just might understand why I thought this. They open up a door and call out a person’s name, and they go into the back. It reminded me of “Stan Bronk. Step into the chamber of fate.”

But anyway, while we were sitting there watching people go into the chamber of fate and waiting for Steve to be called, there was a girl sitting behind me with her mom. I think she was about 13 ish. At one point she turned to her mother and said “I was out with some friends the other day and I got thinking. How did we ever survive without Facebook? I mean, how did we ever know if a guy was single, or if we liked him, or if he liked us, or what?” I nearly fainted and needed medical attention myself. Steve couldn’t figure out why I was furiously nudging him in the side and snickering. The poor guy was just focusing on listening for his name to be called. Now I wonder if this teenager has signed up for this app, or will soon.

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