My Painting of Paint Me On Velvet

So now that I’ve done album no. 1 of my Austin Lounge Lizards haul from yesterday, it’s time for album no. 2, “Paint Me On Velvet”. There are some gooders on here, but not quite as many. Let’s go.

Boudreaux Was a Nutcase
Somebody wanted to catch the biggest fish ever. Apparently, he was sorry that he got his wish. I get the sense he lost the battle.

Paint Me On Velvet
I love how he says “I’m a man of few words” and they left a big silent spot. Apparently he’s decided he’s going to leave his girlfriend, but he wants her to paint him on velvet like Jesus and Elvis.

Little Fallen Angel
Hmm. If there’s a joke in here I’m missing it. It just sorta sounds like a guy thanking Jesus and something else I can’t make out for saving him from himself. Maybe the key is in the something else I can’t make out.

Put The Oak Ridge Boys In The Slammer
Apparently they think everybody’s sick of the Oak Ridge Boys and wish they’d all go away along with their music.

Going to Hell in Your Heavenly Arms
This one sounds like it could be a real country song. I dunno.

Grandpa’s Hologram
“Though he has no substance, he is still a great old man.” Grandpa died and they made a hologram of him and all day they sit in the kitchen with it, even though it can’t say anything, and they reach right through it and get the breakfast jam. They see more of Grandpa now than when he was alive.

Purple People Eater
It is what you think it is, except this purple people eater wants to play in a bluegrass band.

1984 Blues
It is blues about the book 1984, not the year. They didn’t disappoint me. There was a room 101 reference in there. Nice siren noises with the fiddles.

Lusters’ Motel
just a song about a couple of cheaters in a motel. You’d almost think they were trying to have a real relationship.

The Three Sinners
Or the three little pigs. “Don’t build your house of straw or Satan will blow it down.” Hmmm. They like their gospel songs.

That Godforsaken Hellhole I Call Home
By the sound of the song, you’d think he was happy to be home. But he’s not. Instead, it’s more like he’s being dragged back here and can’t escape. There’s something amusing about the words “as squalid as Calcutta, as decadent as rome” being set to a happy little tune.

And that does it for that album. I’m sure it won’t be long before I have the final album. It’ll be weird not to have any more of their stuff to chase down. There are a couple of DVD’s, and those will be cool, but I doubt there’ll be any new stuff on those.

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