Thank You, CBSC, For Making TV Just A Little Bit Worse

This,for lack of any better way to say it, is fuckin’ stupid.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council today released its decision concerning two episodes of South Park broadcast on the Comedy Network in March and April 2010.  Both episodes were broadcast at 5:30 pm Eastern Time.  The CBSC found that both episodes contained material that was intended exclusively for adult audiences and so should only have been broadcast after the Watershed hour of 9:00 pm.

So yeah. the Comedy Network, which is a specialty station on cable television that’s supposed to be able to show all kinds of fun and edgy stuff 24/7, is not allowed to broadcast things that might upset people during the afternoon because somebody who probably doesn’t know the first thing about a sense of humour and likely shouldn’t be watching the Comedy Network in the first place complained loudly enough. Just…wow.

It’s already damn near impossible to watch the comedy network during the day and early evening because any stand-up specials it shows are edited so much and so poorly that you can’t make out three quarters of the jokes through all the mutes, and I’m sure this decision, even though it does seem it wasn’t made lightly, is going to find some way to make things even worse with time.

Thank you butt hurt asshole for being the shitter onner of all things good and fun that you are, and thank you CBSC for not doing what you should have done, that being wiping your asses with the letter this person sent, stuffing it in an envelope and mailing it back to said butt hurt asshole signed with love.

TV is getting shittier and shittier and more and more things that in no way should need viewer warnings now have them, probably in what you know will be a futile attempt to avoid situations just like this. I’m waiting for the day I turn on the tube and my cable box doesn’t work…intentionally, just in case something on TV might be offensive to the delicate sensibilities of somebody that might live in the same city as I do or who may have lived there at one time.

Jesus Christ.

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