Duct Tape: The Handyman’s Secret Weapon, Not The Parents Photography Tool

You know, I’m glad Caira Ferguson is as dumb as she is. Her stupidity may have saved her daughter.

One day, six months ago, Ferguson thought it would be a swell plan to duct tape her 18-month-old kid into a chair, even duct taping her mouth, and take a picture. The picture was put up on mediatakeout.com but the faces of Stupid Mom and Poor Baby were blurred out, so it would have been pretty hard to identify them…

Until Stupid Mom earned her name. I can only guess that she figured out that duct taping your kid into a chair is likely frowned upon, and realized “hey, that picture is up on the net. Whatever shall I do?” And this is the course of action she decided upon. She decided to go tell the police that someone stole this picture of her and her baby, and had stolen her identity, and gave the police a non-blurred version of the picture. But she fully admitted that she duct taped the kid and she took the picture.

To her shock and surprise, police were none too sympathetic to her situation, and she wound up with some child endangerment charges. She also wound up with the cops taking the purple chair seen in the picture, complete with duct tape remnants, into evidence.

Um, fail! But I’m happy she did that. Maybe now the kid can be raised by someone competent.

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