If Only The Bible- Thumper Was Still Following Me, This Would Make Her Angry…

Here’s a little something that just screams bloggin’. We have talked many times about religion and its inconsistencies. So, when I saw the 11 things the bible bans but you do anyway, it needed a link. Who knew wearing polyester was committing a sin? I sure didn’t. We’re all doomed!

I’ve Had Some Comfy Chairs, But None I’d Want To Stay In For Two Years

Thanks Ann for this one. Eek. We have another person who sat in a chair so long he got stuck to it. Just like this woman who was stuck to her john, this morbidly obese guy sat in a chair for two years! He didn’t get up to use the john! There he was, sitting […]

His Opinion Is A Coalition Of It’s A Good Idea And No It Isn’t

If you’ve been hearing all of Stephen Harper’s talk during this election campaign about how evil and dangerous coalition governments are and you’re starting to wonder if maybe he’s on to something, have a look atthis. Not only did Harper think a coalition was a fine idea in 2004 and try to get the other […]

Slowly Getting Ready For The Move

We mentioned back inthe last audio messthat at some point the blog would be moving. Not sure how far off the move is, but the testing starts…now! So if in the next while things go wonky, don’t work, disappear, insult your mother or fall down dead, it’s just the good old Fairies and Elves division […]

I Order You To Hang Up! If You Don’t, We’ll Be Delivered To Jail

The order a pizza, then rob the delivery person when it gets to where you are trick has been done many times by many people, sometimes even successfully. But if you’re considering trying it yourself, you’ll want to think about leaving out the wrinkle that 19-year-old Kevon Whitfield and his group of friendsput in. Police […]

If She Takes Off, Who’s Watching The Kids?

This Burger King story just won’t end. Let’s see, where are we now? Nekiva Hardy has come clean about who she is, and thankfully she’s admitted that none of her children were with her on the trip. Why did she say they were? Well, if you’ve got your kids with you, you’re less likely to […]