He Asked You To Do What? And You Did It?

Wow. Speaking of frightening things people fall for…

Steven Demink liked to cruise through online dating sites. He would steal pictures of male models and use them as his headshots. He called himself a psychologist and single father. He would find mothers, and convince them that as some form of therapy, they should engage in sex acts with their children, and live stream him the footage. And seven women obliged, with kids ranging from 3 to 15 years of age!

Excuse me? How desperate and messed up would these women have to be to do this and not have it raise red flags? How could this not scream “Wrong!”? One woman even told her mother about what she did, at which point, her mom called in the cops and got the process rolling to catch this guy.

Seven women did this! Seven! How could they? So what if he promised them dates? So what if he said it would result in healthier children? How could they?

And if he can get charged with what he did, it’s not much of a leap to charge William Melchert Dinkel.

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