Peter Peter Money-Eater

Hmmm. If you’re in debt, do you think it’s a wise idea to pay out more money to a preacher guy who says he can make your debt go away by supernatural means?If you answered yes, I guess we know why you’re in debt.

Peter Popoff is a fraud, plain and simple. All those times he said he was getting info about his audience through God? Yeah, how about no? His wife was feeding him info via an earpiece. Now he tells people that he can supernaturally remove their debt if they just pray…and oh yeah, send him money. Of course, all that happens is he gets rich off these people’s desperation.

Oh yeah, and these people should know that he has applied for bankruptcy too. Hmmm. Why couldn’t he miraculously erase his own debts?

One of these days, I’m going to fall for some scam, and then carma will come back and bite me hard for laughing at these people for getting scammed. But until then, I can gape in wonder at the things people fall for.

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