One of the cool things about Twitter is its versatility. You can use it on lots of different apps and in lots of different ways. That is what made it so easy for people to tweet from anywhere.

Well, now Twitter is trying to kill that. It has decided that there should be no more third party Twitter clients, allegedly because they want the experience to be as uniform as possible. What about leaving that choice up to users?

It makes me so angry when big companies forget their roots. It’s all these clients that caused Twitter to be as successful as it is. Now, to have Twitter go and kick developers in the balls like that is disgusting. Also, to have such little respect for the users is pretty disappointing. Don’t tell me you know what’s best for me in the user experience department. This especially eats me up because 9 times out of 10, makers of mainstream stuff don’t get accessibility. So maybe I have a solution that makes it usable. To lock that out because you say you know what’s best for me is a fail. You don’t.

The Twitter website is a perfect example of that. I would never ever use that as my steady access to Twitter. I use the Qwitter client because it makes it very easy for me. Other people use other clients because they work for them. We know what interface works best for us, you don’t. Get your hands off my Twitter experience. Let me have what I want.

I hope Twitter regrets this decision and reverses it. For a company that has been described as being the key to freedom of information, they sure aren’t allowing much freedom in how people can get that information out there.

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