Hey, Hahahah Look At The Homeless Guy With The Stuff Up His…Woe, Neil?

When I first saw this story about this guy having 30 items inside his rectum, I didn’t feel the need to blog it. After this guy, everything pales in comparison.

But now that I’ve read this story about how this author knew Neil Lansing, the fellow with the butt-load of smuggled goods, I thought this needed a link.

I have to thank Luke O’Neil for not suddenly turning on us and saying we’re all wrong. After all, he’s one of us and likes a good ridiculous story as much as the next guy. But it would be hard to see a childhood friend show up in the annals, har har, of weird news. Probably if I saw that, it would break my heart.

And I also have to thank him for using the word butthurt. Now Steve’s not the only person I’ve heard say it.

But he did make me feel just a little bit ashamed of making fun of all these dudes. At least our blog has more stuff than just that. Oh hell there’s a lot of ridiculous/stupid stories, but there’s a lot of other stuff too. I hope people who come here see it that way.

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