It Was Sonic Good For Me, Was It Sonic Good For You?

I’m not going to bother asking the obvious question here, that being what kind of guy masturbates in front of the window at a Sonic drive-through? I know the answer, and his name isKevin Ferrier.

What I’m more interested in is how he was able to do it right in front of a female worker and a security camera for 8 minutes without anybody doing anything. I’m not sure how many of you have been in a drive-through line, but I’ll bet it’s pretty close to everyone. Besides waiting for your so-called fast food to pop out the window, have you ever been able to do anything in one of those lines for 3 minutes let alone 8 without somebody getting upset? Not a chance! Somebody’s always laying on the horn or hurling profanities out the window if you take a second too long to decide between a number 7 or a number 10. And I’ve never seen it, but I’ve got a pretty good feeling that more than a few folks have come to blows over line speed. But pulling out the old Sonic Burger and brewing up a fresh batch of your special manly mayo, no problem. How does that work?

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