CNIB Partners With AFB, Launches Career Connect Canada

I just got this emailed to me and thought I’d pass it on. I saw AFB Career Connect in its American form, and it looked neat. It’s cool to have something Canadian.

Good Morning. 

I’m delighted today to announce the launch of CareerConnect Canada, a new online employment networking and mentoring program offered in partnership with the American Federation for the Blind (AFB). This exciting initiative marks an important step towards CNIB’s strategic goal of providing training, support and technology for blind and partially sighted adults to help them achieve satisfying employment. 

CareerConnect Canada is one of several online initiatives CNIB is developing in order to provide an enhanced level of service for people who are blind or partially sighted. Originally launched by AFB in the U.S., it’s a free resource that will enable Canadians who are blind or partially sighted to learn about the range and diversity of jobs performed by other adults with vision loss, including their keys to success.  

Who is it for?

Located at,
CareerConnect Canada is the perfect resource for:

  • Students looking to explore their career paths
  • Job seekers investigating work options
  • Employers looking to diversify their workforce
  • Professionals who work with people who are blind or partially sighted,
  • or

  • friends and family members assisting someone living with vision loss 

How does it work?

The program enables job seekers to connect online with mentors who are already working in their desired fields. These mentors, who are also blind or partially sighted, come from a variety of backgrounds and offer a wealth of knowledge that can help guide job seekers by providing insight into a specific industry and sharing key lessons learned along the way to achieving their own career goals.  

How you can help support the program

  • Tell your clients. Invite clients who might be looking to explore their job options or even change career paths.
  • Spread the word to your professional networks. If you have contacts at other organizations interested in learning more about employing someone with vision loss, direct them to the website so they can find and speak with a mentor in their industry.
  • Sign up as a mentor. Do you have a friend or colleague who has vision loss and would be a great role model for a job seeker? If so, invite them to become a mentor – or better yet, considering becoming one yourself! 

Although CareerConnect Canada is only available in English at this time, we are presently exploring options for delivering it in multiple languages moving
forward. I look forward to keeping you apprised on future developments. 

If you have any questions about CareerConnect Canada, please contact me or visit
Now, let’s start the connections!! 

Tim Alcock

Vice President, Marketing & Communications


1929 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, ON  M4G 3E8 

T: 416-486-2500 ext. 7690

Kinda neat. I might have to check this out.

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