Bob Cole Calling The Henderson Goal

I don’t think you can live in Canada for any length of time without seeingPaul Henderson’s winning goal from 1972at least once. It’s shown all the time, and Foster Hewitt’s “Henderson has scored for Canada!” is one of those things everybody seems to know even if they don’t know they know it. But until now, […]

This Is For The Birds, And It’s From Them Too!

I’m gonna cry. Seriously. Gonna lay down my head and cry. We try to write intelligent things on Twitter and on the blog, and between us, Steve and I have 250 followers or so. But a bunch of birds pecking on a bacon fat-covered keyboard get 2654 followers. Whyyyyy? I’m telling you, it’s like the […]

This Is A Holdup…Note…That I Left Here…

the best bank robbing advice I can offer you all is don’t, but if you must, the next best thing I could suggest is when you leave, remember to take your note with you. Failing that, all that’s left isdon’t go back for it later like Matthew Dale Hudleston did. According to his plea agreement, […]