It’s Bath Fittings, Not Baptism

If all this is true, which it probably is since this woman’s lawyer has more clients saying the same thing, this Bath Fitter franchise is messed up, and needs to learn a few lessons.

Jo A. Yochum says that she began working for this bath fitting franchise, and had to pay $90000 for the training she received. But the training wasn’t about their company practices, or what goes into what they sell. According to Yochum, it was like entering into a cult. She’s suing because not only did she have to pay for it, because she wasn’t willing to go along, she was cut off from new leads despite her being a good salesperson.

If I’m working for a company, it’s none of their business what god I worship, if I worship at all. Just where the hell do they get off doing this to people?

I hope she, and others like her, win their case. That’s just creepy.

And the icing on the cake? Get a look at the reporter’s name. Rich Lord.

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