>Maybe He Can Perfect His Dance Moves In Jail

>Here’s another little story of a fellow who stole a laptop from the wrong guy.

He thought he’d just stolen a random laptop. But it belonged to Mark Bao, who knows a thing or two about using computers. So, Bao went a clickin’ and a searchin’ and got into his own hard drive remotely. Hmmm, what have we here? Would it be a video of the theif dancin’ up a storm, quite embarrassingly so, to a song? So, he didn’t just give it to police. No no no. He posted it to Youtube, which led to it being submitted to Vimeo and Reddit.

It didn’t take long for the thief to return the computer, complete with a plea for Bao to take the videos off YouTube. Bao essentially laughed in his face, and the videos remain. I love the title on the YouTube one. “Don’t steal computers belonging to people who know how to use computers.” Sound advice, I’d say.

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