Surrounded By April Fools

I always knew that lots of April Fools entries get put up on news sites and blogs and stuff, but I guess I never went looking for them. Now that I’m on Twitter, they come to me, and boy were there a lot of them to do with blindness-related sites this year.

There were two that made me laugh the hardest, though. Serotek’s announcement of making a notetaker was pretty funny. Rusty Metals, eh? Thankfully, nobody took that one seriously, at least I don’t think so. The best part of that one was the telnet address they referenced, um, actually worked! Now that’s an elaborate April Fool.

This one killed me for two reasons. First, the idea of glasses designed to alert blind folks of obnoxious people approaching is awesome. But some people actually believed it was true! Come on, that one was obvious, although there have been times I have wished for just such a device while trying to get rid of someone who just won’t leave me alone! Haven’t we all?

And the third one I didn’t even read, but I saw it horked up on a couple lists as the honest truth. Funnily enough, the person who put it up just finished berating someone else for falling for the dork recognition glasses. It says here that Freedom Scientific Acquired Blind Access Journal. Yeah, like that would ever happen. But people were all “Think of the possibilities! The podcasts! Oooo oooo oooo!” No, check your calendar, folks.

I fell for one April Fools joke. One. I was reading through my tweets before I took Trix outside and saw one that said “Look at all the snow!” I just started writing a tyrade of “I’m sooo gonna cry…” when I remembered what day it was. Somebody else made a damn good try at an April Fools joke, but I just couldn’t be convinced. But it did make me wonder what if? I was glad I was right.

Has everybody always been so big into the April Fools jokes, or is this an extra special year? Have I just not noticed?

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