Buying A Book Without Asking If They Want It, Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

Every time I look at this post from Wess Derby’s blog, I chuckle. Then that chuckle begins to grow into a full laugh. Then I laugh some more. Dude, I only wish I had been given a similar opportunity.

The story goes that a fellow had been watching Wess for a while as he rode the bus. In case you didn’t know, Wess is a blind guy too. So the guy decided he would be all sweet and kind to Wess, and had already ordered him a braille book of Mormon assuming he would want it. The guy, in his infinite lack of wisdom, was shocked and appalled when it was much bigger than the print book. In fact, it weighed 35 pounds! Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahheheheheohohohoho!

And here’s where it gets really really funny. When the guy offered it to Wess, Wess said he wasn’t interested in it because a. he’d already read some of it before and it wasn’t his thing, and b. he lived in an apartment so where would he put that monster? So, the guy had no choice but to walk away, dejected and defeated. It’s unclear whether he had brought the 35-pounder to give to Wess, and now had to cart the thing home. That would make me roll on the floor in spasms of laughter.

But Wess is right. If you’re going to order something like that for someone else, ask them first. Even if it was just a print book, it probably costs money. And Braille is expensive shit. Remember the bibles? Why spend money and then have the person go “Na, that’s not my thing.”? And, not all blinks read braille. So, you could have bought them something they can’t even use.

Hahahahaha! Never have I ever had such an opportunity to politely make someone’s religion-pushing backfire on them. One day, I hope that happens to me. The image of the guy walking away just keeps coming back into my head, and I laugh some more.

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