She Drove Down The Wrong Road

Wow. For all those parents who don’t believe in having any control or discipline over their kids, I think they should read this story. This might be the end result.

Rachel Hachero really wanted a car. So she asked her mom if she would co-sign for it. Mom said no. Her response? she threatened to kill mommy dearest, and pistol-whipped her until she went and co-signed.

The next day, mom went through her daughter’s purse and found the gun and some other drug-related stuff. She finally went to the police, but wouldn’t press charges because she didn’t want to screw up her honour roll kid’s chances at a good school. Um, lady? Her chances at life are already screwed. Thankfully the police had said she had done too much to just not lay charges, so off to juvenile hall Rachel went.

Good lord, if I had threatened to kill my mom, my mom would have taught me a good lesson about the police. She might have even persuaded the police to be extra scary. And I probably would have spent a long time in jail before she might have given the idea of posting bail an ounce of consideration.

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