Chuckleworthy Things Trixie Does

I haven’t done a Trixie post in a while. I’m made of fail. I also fail because I once again didn’t post on our dog day anniversary. But I was kinda stressed out at the time, a subject I will hit in a much larger, more epic post. For now, in honour of March 21, have some Trixie goofiness.

I’ve talked before about Trixie’s different behaviours she does around certain people. Well, I have some new ones she does to mom. For some reason, mom likes to sleep on the floor in our spare room. She’ll lay down all these pillows and make a bed out of them. Well, in the mornings, Trixie has decided that that bed is meant for sharing. If mom is all over it, she will poke/nuzzle her way in beside her. If there’s a spot open, she’ll just walk in and take it. It’s pretty funny when I find them together.

One day, I was looking for Trixie, and walked in and found her in there with mom. All I said was “You punk!” and she got up and walked away as if to say, “Alright alright, ya caught me. I’ve been busted.”

Another sentence Trixie responds to in a funny way is “What are you doing?” I’ve noticed if I say it, she will back away from wherever she is and walk to a completely different part of the room. I’m sure this is because I often say that before catching her being a brat. So now she’s associated that with her doing something she shouldn’t. Silly dog.

She’ll even respond to her name if it’s said on the TV. We were watching a show, and someone had the name Trixie. As soon as the TV said Trixie, she looked up and walked over to it. Hahahahaha dog, you really know your name.

The huppy has gotten to the stage where he wants to touch Trixie all the time. He cannot figure out the harness on, no pet rule. Poor little guy, all he wants to do is hug the doggy, whose name he can almost pronounce.

But I think the thing is most of the time he sees her, the harness is on. So I think he thinks it’s a part of her. In fact I’m pretty sure that’s the case. One day, I took it off so they could have fun, and he pointed at the harness which was hanging on my shoulder and said “Doggy broken!” He thought I had ripped off a part of the doggy!

But I know he’s seen her out of harness, so maybe that’s not the case. Still, “Doggy broken” was a pretty cute sentence.

This winter, Trix and I were even able to walk home using the path sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes. Pretty awesome. The funniest was on the way out, Trix had trouble picking the absolute best course, but the way home, she did, and most awesomely. She would pick out the least icy, least treacherous way to go, and do it flawlessly.

She also was much more perceptive of ice than all other winters. She would sometimes drag me up on the side because that was the safer way to go. Pretty cool. I don’t think I fell once this winter, and I didn’t even wear my yaktrax all the time.

I think her face might be getting whiter, or more grey or something. When I brought her home, I was given a gentle leader in black so it would blend into her fur and people wouldn’t comment about it. Now, though, people are constantly asking what that thing is around her snout. Damn greying pooch.

And this story was the one that prompted me to write down all these silly doggy things. Ro has often talked about how much Jayden loves his bananas. So Steve and I cut up a banana just to see what Trix would think of it. First, I offered it to her from my hand. Nope. Then I set it on the floor. Nope. The funniest thing she did was sniff the banana that I was eating at the time, then sniff the one I was offering her, then run away. It was as if she said “You’re eating that. I’m never able to eat the food you eat. No way in hell I’m gonna fall for this. You’re settin’ me up!” I had to laugh. Doggy, you’re such a goof.

And I think that’s all I can think of for Trixie stories…for now. There is a far bigger Trixie story coming. Maybe I’ll write it on her birthday. We will see.

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