The Sad Decline Of Maggie Laidlaw Continues

I’m a bit late on this, but it’s still worth a mention.

TheI know how to use Google Maps and I can see you have stuff so quit your bitchin’issue hadn’t even begun to die down for Maggie Laidlaw when she found herself in trouble again. This time she got caught on cameracalling one of her fellow city councilors an asshole during a budget meeting.She didn’t say it directly to his face, she mouthed it to someone else while he was speaking.

“I was unexpectedly ‘on camera’ when I mouthed a somewhat derogatory expression in a brief moment’s discussion” with Coun. June Hofland, Laidlaw wrote in an email dated March 20 and posted on Coun. Ian Findlay’s Ward 2 blog. “I had not expected to be on camera at the time, as someone else was addressing an issue and I would have expected the camera to be on that person. Nevertheless, the expression was certainly inappropriate for council chambers, regardless of whether it was actually stated or just ‘mouthed,’ and I apologize to my council colleagues, and to the mayor, for any embarrassment this has caused.”

I’d give her some credit for owning what she said, but from the sounds of it she had no choice. She was clearly visible on film, plus there’s some talk that she may have violated the city’s code of conduct. But maybe I can give her a few points for not coming up with some story about how the guy really is an asshole because she’s seen his house and car, and just so happens to know that he doesn’t eat cage-free eggs or support roundabouts in ridiculous parts of town. That’s something, right? Even if it’s not I encourage her to take it, because she needs all the help she can get at this point.

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