Kindergarten Baby, Wash Your Face In…A Suspension For Crying

What a baby Bronson Clark must be. I mean geesh, kid got suspended from school for crying. Must be one huuuuuuuuuuge baby.

Actually no, he’s a little one.A 6-year-old one in a kindergarten class,to be precise.

Seriously. The brain trust (and I’m using that term very, very loosely here) at Virginia Beach’s Tallwood Elementary School determined that because little Bronson was a bit of a cryer, he was a disruption to the educational process and sent him home. No time for dealing with what kindergarten teachers deal with several times a day, not when there’s learning to be done. Kid’s a pest, he’s not our problem, you deal with him.

Just wait until they learn the hard way that not only do 6-year-olds cry, but they sometimes shit in their pants. I’m sure that’ll be grounds for expulsion, and police and a hazmat team will be dispatched before you can say “when will this madness end?”.

But at least we know where the name Tallwood comes from. Clearly it must be representative of the gigantic pricks in the decision making department.

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