Missing Money, Missing Brains

Thanks Ann for this one. You know how to find some real doozers.

These four robbery suspects should just take this whole mess as a sign that they aren’t meant for a life of crime.

The story goes that Antonio Epinger, Kevin Dennis, Seluvaia Ita and Vanessa Perry robbed a restaurant late at night. They held out a gun and demanded money. They got a bunch and ran off. But one of them dropped some of it. Instead of realizing that the money is a lost cause and moving along, they came back for it. Yes. Robbers, who were seen by several people, came back to the scene of the crime to collect the money they dropped.

Luckily for them, the place wasn’t already swarming with cops and they managed to pick up the lost loot and get away. But they didn’t get far before cops found them based on the witnesses’ descriptions.

And to show more stupidity, two of the suspects tried to slump down and hide in the back seat, and as they were all made to exit the vehicle, some of their money fell out, again.

Here’s the saddest part of this whole tale. None of these people were crazy young. The youngest one was 26. By the time you reach 26, shouldn’t you know that coming back for money you dropped and trying to scrunch down in the back of the car aren’t going to work?

Just sad.

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