What A Crazy Old Bird

Now and then one of us will come across a story that we’re just not sure what to do with. Sometimes we can chuck it to the other guy and whoever that is will run with it. Sometimes one of us will ask the other for some ideas and go from there. And other times, there’sa partly naked woman in her 50’s driving a Chevy Malibu, laying on the horn while a budgie flies free.Just what in the name of all that stretches the bounds of sanity are we supposed to do with that?

When the officer turned around to see what the problem was, the driver tried to leave. As she did, she struck a car, reversed into the police cruiser, and then hit a Grand River Transit bus.

The woman continued south on King, with police cars, their lights and sirens going, in tow. It wasn’t really a pursuit, said Staff Sgt. Chris Goss, because speeds weren’t excessive. She just didn’t stop.

Two cruisers blocked her in at King and Victoria streets, where the Malibu rear-ended a minivan. Officers had to break the driver’s window in order to open the door to get the woman out.

At this point you’re probably thinking ok, she’s clearly drunk. You’d think that, but that’s part of the degree of difficulty here. Nobody knows, or if somebody does, that person is keeping it quiet. Maybe she was hammered out of her tree or high as shit, or maybe she was suffering from some form of dementia. Maybe she just snapped, or did she do it on a dare? Only she knows for sure…or perhaps she’s just as stumped as the rest of us.

The only things I know for sure are that I want, actually make that need to know more, and that I have no freaking idea how to properly tag this.

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