I Hear Through The Grapevine That He Might Be A Bit Upset

What to do when the 71-year-old ex wife you share your home with has a problem with you having your new girlfriend over? If you’re 75-year-old Sebastiano Russo, the answer is easy.Drunkenly throw a grape at her head, then threaten to murder her and burn down the house.

A witness told the investigating deputy that Sebastiano Russo sat at a table, slamming his hand on it, saying, “This is my house.” He told his ex-wife he was bringing his girlfriend to the house, the report states.

When Claire Russo told him, “No, not in my house,” the ex-husband threatened to kill her and then attacked her with the grape, the witness told the deputy.

The story says that the pair live near a place called Orange City. For Claire’s sake, it’s a good thing old Sebastiano stuck to throwing grapes. An orange surely would have hurt more.

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