Come See The Dangly Side Of Sears

From the worse than bad explanations for doing amazingly stupid things department comes the story of Robert McDonough.

The 39-year-old now former Cincinnati police officer was sentenced in February to 8 days of community service, 2 years probation and a $250 fine. He was also banned from going near Sears stores since that’s where the public indecency took place.

All of this stems from an incident last May. McDonough was caught by the store’s surveillance system exposing himself to employees and presumably anybody else within range. If that’s not enough to tell you that he wasn’t good with the low profile thing, he was even easier to track down because while he was there, he used his credit card to make a purchase.

When he was interviewed by fellow officers, McDonough said that the reason his zipper was down was that he was attempting to “determine who would advise him that his zipper was down.”

I’ve taken 0 police training courses in my day, but I’ll bet that’s one drill they don’t teach at the academy.

Amazingly, even though this happened last year and he was convicted 2 months ago, McDonough wasn’t officially fired until April 19th. There’s something that needs an explanation, and hopefully it’ll be a better one than his.

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