A Song For Michael Sona

Oh me oh my we’re goofs. You’ll know why very shortly.

Steve and I were just sort of standing around talking, when suddenly one of us started singing “My Sharona.” Then the other said “Hey! There’s a parody of that song in there, only all about Michael Sona.” You know who Michael Sona is, right? If you don’t, here’s a reminder.

We let the idea swirl around in our heads over night, and this morning, I started writing. Steve joined me later, and here is the result.

In the university, what do I see? People exercising their rights…Sona.
No we don’t like this at all, lawyer called, you know we’re gonna put up a fight…Sona
Messing with the way, people vote, such a shameful crime, wanna put a stop, to the votes, of the younger kind, bye, bye, bye, bye-i woo!
Muh muh muh Michael Sona

scaring kids is so much fun, so much fun, they’ll think voting’s not worth their time…Sona
into the polling station I run, in I run, runnin’ on through the long line…Sona
Polling here is done, give it up, it’s a waste of time, don’t care if these punks, think I’m out, of my freakin mind, mind mind my-i-ind woo!
Muh muh muh Michael Sona

I don’t see a scrutineer, not one here, gonna make a grab for the box…Sona
The kids aren’t gonna vote for Burke, the little jerks, the campaign’s gonna sink like a rock…sona
700 votes, in a box, not the PC kind, gonna make a grab, man I’m sure, gonna cross the line, mine, mine, my-i-ine, woo!
Muh muh muh Michael Sona

If anyone feels like tightening that up and recording it, go nuts. It would be awesome. God I wish I knew how to do that sort of thing.

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