The Do It Yourself World Tour Rolls On Top Of Guelph

Neither of these incidents will ever find itself in the bad time for whackin’ off hall of fame, but they’re worth a mention since it’s rare that this sort of thing happens here in guelph, home of Vomit Comet World HQ. Even better is that both of them happened in completely different places…on the same […]

>The Manual Gets Some Editions From People Other Than Us

>I just realized that I haven’t updated the blind guy user’s manual in a bit. I don’t have any new blind guy stories, but boy do some others. Wes Derby wrote about this woman who just had to grab and drag him onto his bus. This woman has been told multiple times that her brand […]

>Either This One’s On The House Or I’ll Give You A Whippy, Mister.

>How did that old saying go? I scream, you scream, we all beat the wholly christ out of the driver and run off with his money when he refuses to give us free icecream? The offender was turned away when he asked for a free ice-cream. However, when the driver hopped in the front seat […]

Sir, That’s Not A Traytable. Please Take It Out Of The Upright Position

Update: Pearce has plead guilty to a misdemeanor and will be sentenced August 19th. He’s currently free on $25000 bond and has already been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation and get counseling as conditions attached to that freedom. Air travel can at times be a stressful, boring experience. But there are better ways to […]

Rubba Dub Dub, Sexual Abuse In The Tub?

I always thought that social service agencies were supposed to look out for the welfare of children. After stories like this, I have to question what their mission is. A Swedish woman was separated from her husband, but they shared custody of their two small children. After a few months, the woman started to notice […]