A Heated Battle Over Rent Money

When we lived in our old place waaaay back in the days when Steve’s laundry basket was stolen and drunks came for an unintended sleepover, we used to joke that the owner of our building was a mobster. It’s a good thing we were never late with rent. Otherwise, this may have happened to us. […]

I Only Have One Word. Headnova

Ug. The things people can persuade others to believe. The latest ridiculousness is an email stating that calls received on cellphones from certain numbers which appear in red when they call will cause the recipient’s brain to hemorrhage. I think my head just exploded, but not because of any cell phone call from any number […]

From The Mile High With Himself Club To Damn Near Rock Bottom

This Kyle Pearce thing is quickly moving from the ha ha, the dude masturbated on an airplane zone into I legitimately hope he can get the help he needs because it’s kind of sad territory. After he bonded out of jail, he was ordered to live in a halfway house and undergo some mental health […]

"Nice Jacket." "I Know, And It Was A Real Steal!"

This is one of those cases when I’m not sure a trial is necessary. 46-Year-old Stephen Kirkbride was hauled into court on a shoplifting charge, accused of stealing a pricey waterproof jacket from a sporting goods store. Ok, so he started out being accused, but the case quickly turned from a who done it to […]