If These Walls Could Talk, They’d Have Me Arrested

I have to wonder if Richard R. Vermalyea was never exposed to hide and seek or crime shows as a child. Had he been, odds are the fugitive from justice thing may have worked out better for him than it did.

Among the lessons he doesn’t appear to have learned about being on the run is that not only do *you* have to lay low, but your voice does, too.

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office said a man who talked loudly in his motel room about being a fugitive was arrested after other guests turned him in.

It happened early Tuesday at the Traveler’s Motel in Delmar.

Deputies said guests there heard a man yelling during a phone conversation that there was a warrant for his arrest and called police.

But there wasn’t just one warrant out for him, there were two. One was a failure to appear and the other a probation violation. He’s now in jail on both of them, and at this point we don’t know if he’s worked up the nerve to make his one phone call.

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