Even If It Was Standing Still, He Still Wouldn’t Be Quicker Than That Car

You hear stories all the time about people running onto the field at sporting events, but somebody doing it during a Formula One exhibition? That’s a new one. And yes, the obvious reason *why* that’s a new one applies.

Formula One driver Sebastien Buemi was in Japan at a Red Bull F1 Exhibition when a fan attempted to jump over his moving race car with predictably disastrous results. Luckily for both parties involved, the young racing driver was only traveling 30 MPH when the unidentified man decided to jump.

Unfortunately, the man suffered only minor injuries and was able to pick himself up and walk away following his act of great genius.

There’s a video, but it’s silent. Sorry, blind people. For the rest of you, here’s what the world’s newest Mensa member looks like.

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