Oh No! Sighties Are Trying To Go Stealth!

I remember back a while ago, we had a commenter named Joe Clark who would get all mad if we made a gay joke. “Oh, but if they made a blind joke, you wouldn’t be laughing, now would you?” I will answer him by linking to this. And I’m laughing. I’m laughing, and hoping that I’m not one of those irritating blind people he’s trying to avoid. But I certainly know we have our fair share of irritating blind folks. Hell, I’ve tried to sneak past a few of ’em if I could. If I knew the place well, I’d stop using my cane for a few steps and move o so quietly around them. So ha, we do it too!

but at least now if a bunch of unusually-named people start sprouting ordinary names, or my friends learn how to speak with a foreign accent or keep changing their perfume or shoes, I’ll know I’m irritating. Maybe I’ll be able to learn.

Warning: comments have a captcha. But I used WebVisum just so I could tell him it was funny, and set a few people straight that we use the internet and Narrator is not our primary screen reading solution. Oy!

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