The Guide Pup Grew Up!

Remember back, I think it was last June, when I found the Growing Up Guide Pup Videos? My god it was a year ago today when I found them!

Well, Here’s the final episode. It looks like Ricki is way too attracted by squirrels to be a guide dog. But they think she could be placed in another program. So, she was taken to the kennels to see what they could see.

Also, it appears they have not one, but two websites dedicated to Growing up Guide Pup, and they said they’d do another season with another pup. So cruise on by and and see what you can find. Apparently they have some Ricki swag to sell, and a DVD of Ricki’s season of the show.

So this is the season finale, but who knows what the next chapter in Ricki’s journey will hold.

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