3 Clips, 1 Post

I really should have had this up at the end of last week, but sleeplessness, laziness and a Fathers’ Day weekend out of town all conspired to make sure that didn’t happen. So, here it is now.

Yet more Access Recreation Day clips have been edited and posted. There are 3 of them here,featuring Cyndy McLean showing me how a bunch of stuff works. We talk about tennis wheelchairs, hand cycles, various attachments that help you use those things, the cost involved and how you may be able to get your hands on some of it so you can try before you buy. Cyndy gives some nice play by play of what she’s doing as she demos everything, so you’ll be able to get a pretty good idea of what’s involved.

At this point I think all that’s left are a tour of the Rec Centre where the event was held and recordings of the wheelchair basketball and goalball demonstrations that are going to need some hella editing…poor Carin.

Speaking of Carin, she does a great job with all of this accessibility business in general, and speaking for myself, does a ridiculous amount of work for the Barrier Free Committee, putting some of the others over there to shame. I hope they understand and appreciate what they have in her. The woman’s a damn workhorse, and you’re lucky she’s one of you. Treat her well.

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