Dog, Sandwich And Brain At Large

Things like this keep happening, so we’ll keep posting them.

Sarah Renee Lane was no fan of being told by the driver picking her up that she couldn’t bring her pita sandwich into the cab with her. After what I’m certain was very careful deliberation, she decided on a plan. Leaving lunch at the curb is simply not an option. So instead of *bringing* my pita into this vehicle, I’ll try *flinging* it instead. And that she did, getting yogurt sauce on the driver’s face and beard and making a complete mess out of the taxi, according to police.

For reasons I will never understand, the driver was one of those people who decided not to press charges. Personally I’d let somebody fry for less, but that’s another rant for another day unless I’ve already done it.

However, Lane was arrested anyway on an outstanding failure to appear warrant in a previous dog at large case. See, there’s more of that careful deliberation we talked about.

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