Retirement With A Chance Of Politics

I don’t watch the local CTV news that much anymore, but after this week, it won’t be the same when I do tune in.

another member of the people you expect to be around forever group isn’t going to be around forever after all. After 42 years, Dave MacDonald is retiring. He plans on entering politics and says he’s got some other things he wants to do as well.

42 years is a long time to hold any job, especially one in broadcasting. It’s a little bit crazy to think that he’s been doing the weather in the same place 11 years longer than I’ve been alive and that not only did I grow up watching him, but my mom did, too.

I’d wish him good luck in his political endeavours, but I’m pretty sure he’s running as a Conservative candidate so my brain won’t allow it. But I do hope he enjoys his retirement, he’s definitely earned it. We’ll miss you, Dave.

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