Head Office Called Me About The Elevator

Bleh. That wasn’t the most wonderful update I’ve ever had.

Williams and McDaniel called me back. And the short answer is they’re not going to do anything about the elevator’s alarm system. Until it totally and completely breaks, and they have to replace it with a new one, this alarm bell ringing to nowhere is what we’ve got.

I chuckle. This poor woman is trying to make me feel better by saying a. that they spend lots of money keeping the elevators maintained so they are safe, and b. every building has a manager on site. Except, she’s talking to someone who got stuck in the o so safe elevators, and they kind of don’t have a manager who lives in this building, haven’t for nearly four months. She tries to inform a resident who has lived here for five years what is and isn’t present. Oops.

I tried to explain to her that for the most part, the elevators seem safe. But *when* they do break, boy howdy is the person inside in a situation. No cellphone signal, no one to hear them scream or kick the door depending on what time they take the elevator, nothing they can do to get themselves help.

I don’t know what I should do now. I mean, in five years, this is the first time I’ve been stuck in the elevator. But it’s a really scary feeling knowing that *if* I ever do get stuck again, which is known to happen even in the best elevators, I have 0 things I can do to get help. All I can do is scream, pray, scream and pray.

I know that I could take the stairs, I guess. but A. that’s a lot of stairs, and poorly lit ones, so I would have to wear my headlamp so Trix could see to navigate them, and b. what would someone do if they couldn’t take that many stairs? Just because my legs work doesn’t mean someone else has that choice.

I’m amazed at how complacent fellow residents are when I tell them about getting stuck in the elevator. Some just say “Oh it happens.” Hmmm. I doubt they were ever on the inside of that thing when “it happened” or they wouldn’t be so relaxed about it.

Over all, this place is a nice building with nice neighbours, and the property manager really does give it her best from what I’ve seen. I could be living in far worse places. But this elevator thing, it bugs me. I would like to make my point clear, and it is important, but just how do I do that effectively? I don’t want them to tune me out either. This walking a fine line stuff…it’s hard.

But that’s the latest and not so greatest.

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