I’m Blowing Your Torso As You Blow My Mind

Some folks burgle for money. Some burgle for food. Justin Dale Little Jim (yes, that’s his name in all the stories I’ve seen), well, he appears to burglefor love…or something.

Little Jim, currently being held in jail in lou of $5000 bond and awaiting an August trial date, arrived in this situation after trying to score a date of a different kind.

According to police, Little Jim smashed the front window of a Woodbridge, Virginia adult novelty store in the wee smalls of a morning last week. When they responded, they discovered their man had planned to steel hearts, specifically the heart of the blow-up doll he was attempting to have sex with in one of the shop’s closets.

When he goes to trial, he’ll be facing charges of burglary, grand larceny and destruction of property. Destruction of property? Maybe he should think about changing his name to Big Jim.

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