Why Do You Need To See ID? You Already Have It

Cases of people leaving things at crime scenes that lead to their undoings are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s nice to see that there are still folks out there willing to go the extra mile to keep things interesting. Kenneth Morgan, 48, is certainly one of them.

Not content with simply dropping something or forgetting to pick it up, Morgan decided to leave pretty much everything he owned at a home he was robbing when the rightful owner returned and caught him in the act. While Morgan escaped through a kitchen window,

  • his backpack
  • passport
  • cellphone
  • keys
  • prison ID complete with photo
  • birth certificate
  • and

  • a signed tenancy agreement

weren’t so lucky.

Police had no trouble tracking him down, and were unmoved by his claim that his backpack had been stolen by a fellow criminal who planted it there to set him up.

He has since been returned to jail, a place he had only been free from for 3 weeks before this escapade. He now has 6 years to think about what he’s done, and to work on getting all that stuff replaced.

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