>Austin Lounge Lizards Questions Answered. Yea!

>Woohoo, some questions I had about the Austin Lounge Lizards in this post have been answered in the comment below! Thank you, Marchbanks, for all the cool answers.

Lessee if a native can clear up a few points for you . . . (2) Yes, that’s really Cornhusker Refugee. Somebody keeps using a bad scan and not proofreading. (4) No, you got it—Wendell is a 7-Up delivery guy who gets shot for being stupid enough to go in without enough experience to back up his firepower. (7) Yes, there is one place in Texas they like: Austin, where they all live (or did, until Tom moved to North Carolina in 2011). That doesn’t keep them from poking fun at Austin, too. (12) Yes, Virginia, there is a Chester Nimitz Oriental Garden in Fredericksburg. It’s attached to the Nimitz Museum there, and was given (I believe) by the people of Japan as a gesture of reconciliation. Fredericksburg is largely a German town, so having this song in classic oom-pah-pah style is sooooo appropriate.

Cool! And now I want to listen to the album again.

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